Since the release of the first volume in 1997, you follow this saga with passion, I would say even more, with fervor. This world full of wizards, mystical creatures, and magic makes you dream. Join the Hogwarts benches next to Harry, Hermione and Ron; to mix with Hagrid; randomly cross a corridor, Dumbledore; or to attend a Quidditch match?

Unfortunately (and yes it is life) you are only a muggle. You will never be able to go to Hogwarts because you have no magic power. However, you can show the whole world your admiration for this magical world, and your passion for Harry with these few products. So follow us, you’ll see, you’re going to enjoy?

Here are the unique gifts for all Harry Potter fans!

#1 Harry Potter Gold Snitch Backpack



To show everyone that you are the king of Quidditch?

#2 Harry Potter Egg Cup and Cookie Cutter


For a magic breakfast worthy of the greatest wizard?

#3 The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Spellbindingly Delicious!

#4 Harry Potter Gryffindor Tapestry Throw Blanket


Beautifully and vividly captured in this 48”x60

#5 Harry Potter Hogwarts Slippers


Which of the 4 Houses would you choose? 

#6 Harry Potter Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer (Alcohol-Free)


To enjoy a Butterbeer as if you were at the Flying Cauldron?

#7 Harry Potter Jelly Berry


Do you dare to taste these sweets inspired by Bertie Crochue surprise sweets?

#8 Harry Potter Bathrobe


If you’ve always dreamed of belonging to Gryffindor House, now is the time

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