TOP 10 Useful Picnic Items

When the first rays of sunlight finally reach the land, we go out for a picnic! To the forest, beach or the park for a big vitamin D boost. Get your picnic blanket out of the cupboard and immediately turn it into a party with the tastiest snacks and useful picnic items that you can easily take away with you. So you can enjoy the beautiful weather until the early hours.

We at FULLHOUSER have compiled a fantastic TOP 10 Useful Picnic Items list and all those useful gadgets that will make your picnics unforgettable. A perfect gift, suitable for anyone, that you can get by going to Amazon and choosing the one that best suits your needs!


Slackers Ninjaline Climbing Track

New obstacles for your climbing track for a ninja workout worthy of its name! The cool accessory is an addition to the Slackers Ninja Line Climbing Track and contains exciting challenges for climbing, swinging and competing with friends! Please note that every item is sold in kits or separately.

As a ninja, you can never really make yourself comfortable. You always have to be prepared to develop a new form of progress. For example, climbing a net or hanging from a wheel swinging over a precipice. Your ninja skills must be trained permanently. And how do you do that best? Of course, by adding even more exciting obstacles to your Slackers Ninja Line climbing track!

With this accessory, you can supplement your climbing track with new tasks. On the Ninja Ladder rope ladder, you can climb lofty heights and the big Ninja Net climbing net demands a good sense of balance and a lot of courage. The Ninja Wheel is a real challenge. On a spinning wheel swings to the abyss. And if you want to compete with your friends as to who will make the fastest move, Ninja Timer is indispensable!

You do not have a climbing course yet? Then grab the Slackers Ninja line Intro Kit for the exciting Ninja training in the garden!


Legacy 6-Bottle Beer Caddy

Every year the same: Outdoor fans are impatiently waiting for the weather to get better and allow them to do what they like in the open air. Whether during the day in the garden, the barbecue with friends or during relaxed afternoons in the park – the sun and fresh air are even better with an ice-cold beer in your hand!

Time for the appearance of our gift idea for beer drinkers: The cool Legacy Beer Caddy with 6-Bottle slots (you can take them without opening the flap) and a bottle opener! With its charismatic rustic design, it will be a unique gift for a beer lover!


Pooch Selfie Dog Selfie Ball

Whenever you just want to take a nice selfie with your dog, your dog is gone again. Dogs do not stop and must be distracted. And what is the best tool to distract a dog? A ball of course! This Dog Selfie Ball easily connects to your smartphone to take the best selfie with your animal friend.

First, make sure your dog is distracted with the ball and then attach the holder to your smartphone. Once you've done it, you can take and share your own #petselfie on Facebook or Instagram. If your dog is distracted in between, you can squeeze into the Dog Selfie Ball to hear a beep. Your dog will be focused again on your smartphone.

Now take this gift selfie gadget and make the fun #selfies with your pet. Also, nice to give as a gift to dog lovers.


Ants Cocktail Sticks

Usually, we are not so happy to see ants, but those insects are happy to help you. this Ants Cocktail Sticks like to hold your snacks during a party. They carry your food without being sneaked away with it.

In addition, it looks really original to serve snacks on ants. When your army of ants is settled on the table, everyone is immediately alert. Really funny, this set will give a smooth touch to your cocktails. You can easily wash the ants afterward. So you can use them again at your next party. They come as an ant colony of 24.


Touch Boombox Speaker

Turn the volume knob up with this Touch Boombox speaker from thumbsUp. With the speaker, you can directly amplify the music from your phone. Put your smartphone on the Boombox and the sound comes out of the speakers right away. This magic speaker responds to the presence of your smartphone and works through induction. It is therefore not necessary to connect the speaker to your telephone via Bluetooth or via a cable. When the Boombox is fully charged, you can enjoy the coolest beats from the speaker for 10 hours.


Portable Barbeque Toolbox

This is the ultimate summer accessory for DIY and BBQ enthusiasts. Because after all, if there is a time of year for these activities, it is well under the summer sun. Symbol of a whole generation of men – and why not women too – the Red Toolbox is a must. Screwdrivers, nuts, screws, measuring tape and pliers of all kinds: it is THE box of the perfect hustler. But why be limited to tools? No sooner said than done: here is the Barbecue Toolbox. Yes, you have heard, from this box, you will come out merguez, grilled eggplant, and vegetarian meatballs. Whether you are vegan or carnivorous, you will quickly appreciate making your barbecue, in this red case easily transportable!


VW T1 Picnic Blanket

Ample space for everyone and the perfect place to dream – not only for the VW T1 itself but also for the picnic blanket in the VW T1 design! A nice gift for those who like to relax and picnic in the park and at the lake!


Magnetic Bottlecap Darts Game

This is the blast on every bachelor party, every birthday party: the bottlecap darts! The magnetic disc in dartboard looks attracted after every bottle emptied again to aim and crack the high score with the bottle cap. The crown cork target can be used both upright and downright, effectively collects bottlecaps, and no one, like the dart, would panic that arrows fly wildly around the room and hurt someone. A fun party accessory that will especially delight people and is a cool gift for any social occasion.


Selfish Space Board Game

You and your friends are astronauts on a mission in space. Oxygen begins to run low and the spacecraft is far away. Only the most ruthless of you will be able to reach it and get to safety!

Selfish Space Board Game

How far would you go to save yourself? The Selfish Space Edition setting sends you far, far away. In the space!
But this board game pushes you much further from a moral point of view because to win you have to turn your back on your teammates and think only of yourself.
In Selfish Space Edition players dress up the bulky clothes of a group of astronauts on a space mission. While they are busy outside the shuttle they realize they are almost out of oxygen. Thus began a run to the last breath to reach the spaceship and get to safety.
But there is a problem, only one of you can be saved, for others, the fate is death and oblivion in space. So say goodbye to friendships and cooperation. In Selfish Space Edition, you do not look at anyone. There is only you, your supplies of oxygen and the ship. The goal is clear, reach it before the others, and only the most ruthless can succeed.
In the game, you will have to face unexpected events like wormholes, asteroid fields and laser explosions, but it does not matter. What you must fear is that someone else will reach the ship before you.
Selfish Space Edition is a fun card gameto do in the company. Do not worry about the setting, Selfish will end several friendships but only among the astronauts of the game. For you and your friends, there will be only laughter and lots of fun. And if you laugh until you miss your breath, do not worry, oxygen is abundant on Earth.


  • Selfish Space Edition
  • Ruthless but fun card game
  • Spatial setting in which you have to interpret astronauts short of oxygen
  • Only the first person to reach the space ship will be able to save himself
  • Game for 2 to 5 players
  • Suitable for ages 10 and up (if helped by an adult due to UK text on cards)
  • Duration: about 20 minutes


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MiniPresso Portable Mini Espresso Machine

Nothing worse than being condemned at work to a plastic cup with unadulterated ditch water. Many coffee vending machines broke out a light brown substance that does not even come close to the black gold. Fortunately, the real coffee lover no longer has to resign themselves to this ominous scenario. With the MiniPresso of Wacaco you always have a good espresso at your fingertips!

MiniPresso - Mini Espresso Machino

But as a real Houser, you definitely don’t want to bore yourself by bringing all the coffee set with you. That will take many places in your bag and lot of time to make it. With the team, we decided that it was the time to find a solution for our lovely Housers. So here we are! We have the pleasure to introduce you the perfect portable espresso maker that you probably dreamed about… once!

This technology does not need a battery or electric power, the MiniPresso has a hand-operated system. That tiny espresso machine has a sleek modern design and an intuitive operation. Small and light, you can carry it anytime with you, to savor the espresso you like, wherever you want!



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