Top 10 Unique Gifts for Beer Lovers that you can buy on Amazon

It is soon the birthday of a family member, or a friend, passionate about beer, and you want to offer them a gift that is out of the ordinary, trendy and original, in relation to their passion. We will help you find the best then!

We have selected 10 perfect gifts for this type of occasion.

Our selection is varied and includes a range of products related to beer; from the kit to make your own beer, to books to develop your knowledge through the accessories both fun and useful.

They are so adorable that you will not hesitate to use them, you will even want to fill your kitchen with useful gadgets and beautiful decorations like these. Or gift them to your friends! We are completely sure that everyone will love them!

A perfect gift, suitable for anyone, that you can get by going to Amazon and choosing the one that best suits your needs!


Beer Socks

Do you like beer from the tip of your hair to the tip of your toes? So proudly wear the colors of your favorite beer at your feet: blonde, amber or brown, there is something for all tastes (and all feet)!


DROPCATCH Magnetic Bottle Opener

We are back with another useful and decorative piece for your beloved home that you never want to leave. Drop-Catch Magnetic Bottle Opener and Catcher is really easy to mount. As soon as you open your bottle, the magnetic wooden piece catches the falling caps for you, which also has a cool look. Besides being a decorative piece, it can also be a great thing to be gifted.


Cooking with Beer Cookbook

There are beer lovers on one side and enthusiasts on the other. Those who love this gaseous liquid gold and can not live without them to accompany their meals. Those for whom hops and malts are sacred and deserve to be generated.

It is also the same kind of person who continually pushes the boundaries of gastronomy by inventing new recipes. Putting beer in their cake dough, in their sauces and pickles is almost drive. Improving the taste of food with this divine drink is their motto – after discovering new beers from around the world of course!



Who has never dreamed of serving their own beer one day, inventing a personal recipe, creating his own assortment to surprise their friends? Well, thanks to this kit, now you can prepare your own beer!


Preparing beer at home is not as complicated as you might think. The ingredients and your passion can make the difference to get a good beer. In addition, you will be able to make different recipes: brown, white, blond, amber, etc all different from each other. And, at the same time, many aromatized beers.

With these DIY Beer Kit, you will become the King of Beer Preparation! You will be able to create your own recipes, the kit will not be an obstacle to your creativity. The initial blend will produce about 10 beers and it will be easy to find new ingredients to start over.

With the Small Batch Homebrew Starter DIY Beer Kit, there is nothing left to say unless... Cheers!


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Handmade Beer Holster

Keep yourself hydrated while your hands are busy with this Beer Holster. You’ll have an extra drink ammunition while you are meeting your friends and family. It’s leather handmade is durable and high quality as well. It’s great to prevent your beer stolen while you are dealing with the BBQ or yard work. Besides, you’ll always have a spare beer. You’ll feel like a cowboy which is an extra feature of this brilliant product. You may not be the best at western but it’s time to decide who is the fastest and drunkest beer slinger in your yard!


USA Beer Cap Map

Are you a collector and a traveler? If not, after you get this item you will become one! Beer Cap Map has spaces on it for beer caps and you can put the caps that you collected from different regions according to the geographic origins. It will be a cool decorative piece on your wall. You’ll also be able to keep the record of the places that you have been to.

This beer topping holder is perfect for people collecting beer caps. This specific bottle holder is made in a shape of the map of the United States of America. It can be hung on the wall or just stand near the wall.

Holes have the perfect size to keep your favorite beer caps, you have to push caps from behind and they will be safe to keep. This beer caps display is laser cut from a high-quality plywood and serve you a lot for many years.

It will serve as a perfect man cave wall decor, a gift for a traveler, for Father's Day or just any person who likes beer and collect bottle caps from beer!


Hanskie Drink Mitt

Do you dare to go out with a good beer by hand in the middle of winter? We have the solution with this drink mitt! You will not have your hands frozen when you drink!


Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

Here we have a magic tool that will change your after party messy cleaning perspectives. One of the thing the most annoying for a Houser after a party, besides a headache, the collection of beer-pong glasses and cleaning the ceiling (not asking why), it’s to throw the glass bottles. We are sure you had this moment in your life, you know when you are holding a huge bag of sticky and heavy bottles, of course, the plastique is pierced, the bottles are leaking, you live in the 5th floor without elevator and the dumpster is on the other side of the block. Sometimes being a responsible human can really suck!

And what if this bottle has never left your apartment? What if they became part of your pieces of furniture and make your home great again? Yes, there is another solution, easy, safe and practical. With this revolutionary system, you can transform a dog killer wine in a serene and colorful lamp, or maybe into a glass of water… that would be ironic! It’s up to you.

With the Original Kinkajou Bottle Cutter, let your creativity be free. Be sure that your friends will be impressed by your crafts.

So drink, cut and be creative!

The Kinkajou is the most versatile, practical and functional glass bottle cutter on the market. It is a novel tool that facilitates the process of cutting a glass bottle in the perfect way possible. Designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards and above all with a new engineering and in constant development that allows anyone to make a cut of a glass bottle following a few simple steps, using only the bottle cutter and a little of hot water and cold water.

The glass bottles are perfect for decorating the table, the bathroom or any part of the home. They give a rustic, colorful and perfect appearance to highlight any type of setting. Even today it is more common to use a cut bottle, with various applications in a store, restaurant or bar.


GoPong Floating Beer Pong Table

A true party always starts with a contentious beer pong match. Let’s put the volume up and start the party with this easy inflatable floating beer pong table!

Sometimes you just want to play beer pong during the day, in the sun. Instead of a dark corner of a party in the middle of the night. And that is possible.

This beer pong table is easy to carry and to take anywhere; beach, camping, festivals, sea, pool, wherever you want to party at. Beer pong is not its only feature; you can use it as a floating bar table to spare time in the water with your friends around it. Also, you can take a nap under the sun by taking sips from your drink. It is big sized, easy to air up floating table also has a built-in beer cooler that can hold up 18 beverages and the whole set includes 6 Pong Balls. With this cool useful floating table, your parties will never be the same!



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