In winter, it is the Sundays spent under the duvet to watch the series because outside it is cold and your body is clearly not made to withstand temperatures below 20 degrees. But winter also brings its share of small pleasures: the snow, a warm and cozy ambient at home and the arrival of Christmas!

So, here are the best reasons to love winter, the best season of the year!


1. You sleep better

Indeed, it is known that with the cold you sleep more peacefully because your body regulates better the temperature (the summer you are in sweat and it is just impossible). In addition, you’re warm under your big duvet well padded.


2. You can make raclettes at home

It is true that excessive people make scrapers all year long. But the real season is winter. You know it by watching your friends’ eyes fill with stars when you take out the raclette in November.

3. You can stay the day under your plaid on your couch without feeling guilty

The phrase “go but go get air, it’s a big sun outside” no longer exists when winter comes. Indeed, even if we see you lounging on your couch in front of the TV all weekend, we do not judge you. We accompany you even.


4. Winter, Christmas Gifts, Cozy Living and New Year. It’s a whole pack!

Christmas is an opportunity to see your family again, to cuddle your nephews and cute nieces who scream everywhere while your granny puts you a fourth time mashed. And the new year is the opportunity to see your friends, cuddle and have fun together while your best friend filled your glass at the fourth time.


5. It’s the skiing season!

And skiing is great, you can hit huge slopes in less than 2 minutes, and then spend 1 hour on the chairlift. And if you are a ski jumper, you can make ugly snowmen.


6. In winter, the home parties with your friends are more enjoyable

Because you see yourself in an apartment or a cozy home, it is good, and that often it involves food and some drinks with bubbles in it. And there is the secret Santa too, maybe that moment when you receive Christmas gifts.


7. Cities are prettier with Christmas decorations

And despite the cold, it’s always nice to walk around the city center with all the lights and smell the pancakes. So you spend your time eating and you end up moving around.

8. You can make snowball battles

Okay, there must be snow. But often there are some. And when you put on gloves or close combat mittens, nothing stops you, even if you do not know how to aim and hate when your friend puts snow on your neck.

9. Every day it is a little later

Yes, because it is in the autumn that it is night earlier. Once winter is over, the days are getting longer. So, even if you do not like winter, you still have to enjoy it, because every day is a symbol of hope, and hope, it’s a pleasure.


10. You can finally put on the ugliest of your Christmas sweaters

Once you tried to put on your Christmas sweater in the summer, and we did a good job of you. You even cried. While in winter, you can put the ugliest thing in the world, no one will judge you. Even better, you will receive the encouragement of the jury and the public prize. To you popularity.


Come on! let’s hold hands, and let’s all run together for the winter and the joy!

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