Top 10 Original Easter Gifts that you can buy on Amazon

Are you ready for Easter Gifts? Do you already know what to give at Easter? This article with the Top 10 Original Easter Gifts for Low-Cost Easter is the solution for you. And we did the hard work by spending several hours searching for the Best Easter Gifts for your child, seniors, boyfriend – girlfriend or anyone you love. All you have to do is choose your Easter Though

A perfect gift, suitable for anyone, that you can get by going to Amazon and choosing the one that best suits your needs!


Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

Here we have a magic tool that will change your after party messy cleaning perspectives. One of the thing the most annoying for a Houser after a party, besides a headache, the collection of beer-pong glasses and cleaning the ceiling (not asking why), it’s to throw the glass bottles. We are sure you had this moment in your life, you know when you are holding a huge bag of sticky and heavy bottles, of course, the plastique is pierced, the bottles are leaking, you live in the 5th floor without elevator and the dumpster is on the other side of the block. Sometimes being a responsible human can really suck!

And what if this bottle has never left your apartment? What if they became part of your pieces of furniture and make your home great again? Yes, there is another solution, easy, safe and practical. With this revolutionary system, you can transform a dog killer wine in a serene and colorful lamp, or maybe into a glass of water… that would be ironic! It’s up to you.

With the Original Kinkajou Bottle Cutter, let your creativity be free. Be sure that your friends will be impressed by your crafts.

So drink, cut and be creative!

The Kinkajou is the most versatile, practical and functional glass bottle cutter on the market. It is a novel tool that facilitates the process of cutting a glass bottle in the perfect way possible. Designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards and above all with a new engineering and in constant development that allows anyone to make a cut of a glass bottle following a few simple steps, using only the bottle cutter and a little of hot water and cold water.

The glass bottles are perfect for decorating the table, the bathroom or any part of the home. They give a rustic, colorful and perfect appearance to highlight any type of setting. Even today it is more common to use a cut bottle, with various applications in a store, restaurant or bar.


Kikkerland Copper Coffee Dripper

Do you love coffee and are you a real home barista? This copper coffee dripper from Kikkerland looks as if it was from your grandmother, but is actually a very modern way of putting a cup of coffee. With this copper coffee dripper, you put old-fashioned coffee in a new jacket. The advantage is that you can first let the coffee drip before it starts to drip, giving you a fuller and deeper taste. Let the barista in yourself come up!


Cutea Teapot with Umbra infuser

Tea lovers pay attention: with the Cutea teapot with infuser from Umbra you save space in the china cabinet. This is a teapot and infuser in one, with which you can put three cups of fresh tea. The infuser is loose in the teapot so you can take it out to fill with tea leaves or to clean. The teapot with infuser is not only a must-have because of its matt appearance, but also because it has an ergonomic handle. This means that pouring tea costs less effort. Treat yourself to this beautiful Cutea teapot with infuser or give it as a gift to your best friend or mother so that you can still enjoy it when you are visiting.


Retro Gaming Mat

For all fans of classic 8-bit games, the Retro Gaming Mat is the ideal gift with the right nostalgia factor. The special controller also guarantees fun, since it is controlled by foot movements instead of the usual hands. The 200 integrated games provide variety in the home living room and a gift that is never boring.


Unicorn Ring Holder

If you like playful home accessories, you will love this gift. The magical unicorn head of white porcelain looks not only chic, it also keeps rings in a sophisticated way. So even the most beautiful piece of jewelry is no longer lost. A gift for all jewelry owners and unicorn fans!


ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System

Can hear you saying “Really? Is there a tool for that?”. Hell yes! And it works perfectly. By the ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System, it is possible to pick up a guitar and start playing your favorite songs in no time. The ingredients on the pack such as DVD and music book will guide you through the lessons. And when you feel you are ready to touch the real string, just remove the color-coded tabs. This is the simplest way to learn how to play guitar!


PowerUp Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

With the PowerUp 3.0, you can turn a paper airplane into a remote-controlled aircraft by providing it with a propeller and receiver. Control your paper plane simply and easily with your smartphone. Fancy a real Dog-Fight? Invite friends and fly against each other!

Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane 

Create your favorite origami plane with a piece of paper and make it fly. Thanks to the Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane conversion kit, make your childhood dreams come true. The engine has a 180 feet/ 55-meter range and the machine as a crash-resistant design, so do not hesitate to make some loops. Besides the integrated Bluetooth technology that gives you control of the plane with a smartphone, some special template papers or provides with the package to ensure easy folding and flying spare.  You will find as well a micro USB cable to charge the beast, a spare propeller and a rudder. It’s easy to build, handy and safe!

So fold, connect and launch!


Cat Lovers Gift Set

You've found it: the gift for cat lovers! Not only cats will be happy with boxes, but even the cat lover will also be happy with this pink box! In the Cat Lovers giftset from Kikkerland, there are gadgets that are not for the cat. In the gift box, you will find five cats magnets for example on the fridge or heating, a set of 3D playing cards with 52 different cat cards and a box with 12 files to sharpen the nails. The Cat Lovers giftset from Kikkerland is the ultimate gift for the 'crazy cat lady' or for someone who loves cats.


Medieval Cheese Board

No wine night is complete without a nice cheese board. With this Medieval Cheese Board, you even chop the toughest cheeses into bite-sized pieces. With this cheese plate, you can present different cheeses in an original way during the drink. The little axes and the spear give this cheese plate and brutal but also funny touch. And it can be a cool gift for your long-bearded, bulky friend from the north!


Tabasco Spicy Chocolate

A chocolate for the hard, the real ones! Would you be strong enough to taste this sensational chocolate with a “slightly” spicy taste? To be served after a dinner to treat your guests as it should and finish on a very very hot touch!


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