In a world of imitations, the original stands out for quality, durability, and security. Be wary of the copies, it is only one the original Naomi Nutcracker with Spiral Spring.

How much is an idea? A lot, even just for the pleasure of creating something innovative. That’s what happened a couple of years ago when Naomi’s nutcracker came to market. A model that changed our concept towards this accessory.

No more pliers and lever games, now the nuts open with a spring, a genius that has inevitably conquered the market.

The gadget has a look and a functioning out of the ordinary, but the effect makes it more than an original gift to amaze the celebrated.
The walnuts open very well. Sometimes all too well, because the spring is big and if pulled at its maximum it can generate a force that would open a coconut. OK, maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it makes the idea good. In any case, if you pull the spring at most over a nut not only crush the shell, but also pulp the kernel.

How does the Naomi spring nutcracker work? In a very simple way. The gadget consists of a metal base on which to place the walnut, plus the real nutcracker.

Naomi is shaped like a helical spring that tightens upwards, where there is always a metal pin.

To use it, just put the nut on the base, cover it with Naomi, pull the spring and leave. The powerful return of the spring will break the shell.

At the beginning you could make some fiasco, or because the shot does not break the shell, or because the shot also destroys the kernel. But this is just lack of experience, just a few tries to understand the ideal strength to break the nuts of all sizes. If you then have fun smashing nuts, that’s another matter.

The nutcracker spring, an accessory that we should all have in the kitchen. At least in those who eat nuts.

Walnuts, like all oily fruit, do not like them all. So it may be exaggerated to say it’s a kitchen gadget that everyone should have.
In spite of this, I do not feel I can deny the statement completely. Even if you do not eat walnuts it does not mean that a nutcracker spring cannot serve you.
There are always a few squirrel-loving nuts, not to mention that Naomi is also a great way to entertain guests. Just remember to always have a few walnuts in the house to show how it works.

Is this enough to justify the purchase of the Naomi spring nutcracker? As far as I’m concerned, yes, but of course I speak for myself, which moreover is also nutty.

Otherwise, it remains an excellent purchase as a gadget to give away. It costs little and always makes a good impression.

Someone, too lazy to have original and creative ideas, has shamelessly copied the Nutcracker, probably has also spared the materials (and not only) and offers it at lower prices. And we are not talking about a product of hundreds of dollars or who knows what price. Is it worth buying imitations? Never, at most, take something different and alternative, but imitations are always to be avoided. Even just for a matter of due recognition to those who had the brilliant idea of creating this gadget. All in all, yet to be considered a novelty of kitchen accessories, but by the success that you can say that it is already a classic.

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