Do you want a unique and unusual style Christmas tree? Add some DIY Christmas decorations of LEGO Star Wars.

Today we talk about DIY Christmas decorations even if it is not yet time for the Christmas tree. Not missing a lot but putting it now in the living room means anticipating the times a bit too much. Do you live in a house or a shopping center?
What you can do is start thinking about the treedecorations and Christmas gifts, because having clear ideas is always a help.
As for the Christmas tree, many have no worries. In the garage or in the closet there is the usual fake old-year-old tree, complete with a box with everything needed to decorate it. And since Christmas is the traditional feast par excellence because it changes.

The problem is that the trees all look the same. There are those who prefer the balls, the lights, and the garlands. Overall, however, there is little room to stand out. Not that there are no alternative proposals among Christmas decorations on the market; but there is a sector that offers unique accessories: that of DIY Christmas decorations.
Why buy banal products sold almost everywhere when you can create DIY Christmas decorations?

In order to do that, you do not need to be a well of ideas, a creative genius that makes your art do-it-yourself.
Today there is the Internet and being creative or educated is no longer necessary (there is also sarcasm). Just look and the ideas are in a flash. Or almost, because to do some fruitful research, you need skills.
Today we see a spectacular idea that will conquer two very popular universes, and that already have a meeting point. I’m talking about LEGO and Star Wars.
The two universes are already united by the LEGO Star Wars line and just inspired by that spectacular line of construction sets are born ideas for DIY.

DIY Christmas decorations LEGO Star Wars, prepare the pieces, here are the guides.

A LEGO constructor will have already thought about it. Because it is enough to have a good number of pieces – especially as a variety – to try out the construction of DIY Christmas decorations.

The enterprise is not so complicated, especially if you let the imagination run free and proceed with a free theme.

Deciding what to do and setting a goal instead complicates things a bit. It is not easy to replicate something, especially in miniature and in DIY Christmas decorations.

If after several attempts you have given up we will help you, advising you of the guides to create the DIY Christmas decorations you need LEGO Star Wars.

The guides were made by Chris McVeigh, one who can do with bricks, and he made some beautiful micro LEGO Star Wars models to hang on the tree.
In his creations there is a lot of grays or, so know that you need many small pieces of this color. McVeigh’s
proposals are varied, not just on LEGO Star Wars. But today we focus on these. Among the top proposals, there are those you see in the photos, but they are not all. For example, there is also Slave I on which Jango Fett traveled, and later Boba Fett. While a DIY Christmas decor can take a lot of manual labor, a DIY Christmas decoration made of LEGO requires very little. After all, it’s about assembling pieces.

The most beautiful miniatures are undoubtedly those of the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star. Beautiful and very recognizable. Even those of the TIE-Fighter imperial fighters are very beautiful, even if the counterpart to be matched is missing. The X-Wing resistance fighters.

If you like these ideas for DIY Christmas decorations LEGO Star Wars go to the site of the “builder”. There are PDF guides made in LEGO style. With the summary of the necessary pieces and all the steps shown one by one.

But if you got lazy, or just want to add some new pieces to your LEGO collection, here you can buy the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar.


And here are the links for the PDF of the models

FREE Star Wars Lego Guides for DIY Christmas Decorations;

DIY Christmas Decorations LEGO Star Wars Death Star

DIY Christmas Decorations LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter

DIY Christmas Decorations LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

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