With falling temperatures and shorter days, the fall is not always favorable to find the will to do sports. However, this is the best time to start or recover! Indeed, physical activity, in addition to strengthening your immune system, helps eliminate stress and feel better in your head. This will allow you to cross the winter without lower morale. So despite the cold, the rain, the snow, here are some tips to adapt to find the necessary motivation, and continue to practice your outdoor sports activities.

This article does not replace any medical advice. If you want to go back to the sport, consider consulting your doctor before you start.

Increase warm-up time and recovery time

It can never be repeated enough, the warm-up is essential before each physical activity! And when the cold happens, your ligaments, tendons, and muscles take longer to relax. It is therefore important to extend the stretching time to increase the temperature of your body and to prepare your muscles.

And for recovery? Well, it’s the same thing! Equally important as usual, it is even more important when you just practice sport in cold weather. It is used longer and in a warm space preferably, it will cool and relax your muscles gently.


Well equipped to practice well 

To be fully prepared for outdoor sports on a cold day, you must equip yourself accordingly! To do this, avoid wool and opt for sportswear designed for outdoor use. Ideally, it is advisable to wear a synthetic fiber undergarment that will absorb moisture, a garment that retains heat, and a waterproof garment.

But we do not stop there! Also remember to keep the ends of your body (hands, feet, and ears) dry and protected from the wind with a cap, sports gloves, and a pair of socks with a good insulating quality. Finally, for more security, you can also choose clothes that will be visible at night.

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Stay hydrated and eat well

It is very important to stay hydrated when playing sports. However, it turns out that with the cold, we lose the sensation of thirst and dehydration accelerates. It is therefore recommended to drink plenty of water, at least every 20 minutes during physical exertion.

A good diet will also be your best ally. In fact, the fall in temperatures leads to a greater energy loss, so it is good to think about increasing your caloric intake. For example with a good pasta dish that will bring you the energy to face the cold. You will feel better in your body, which can boost your motivation even more!

Set suitable goals

When embarking on a sporting activity, setting goals for yourself is essential to maintain motivation. For example, you can measure your time, the number of calories you have spent, or register for a race. All that will allow you to visualize your progress and your efforts will be welcome. Nevertheless, the goal is not to perform, you must know how to beat the pace! Indeed, when it is cold the body spends more energy to maintain its temperature, so it gets tired much faster which increases the risk of muscle injuries.

Whether you are a great sportsman or beginner, you have to go smoothly. Take the time to get back to level. For example, you can switch between slow and fast running sessions, then gradually increase the running time.

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