World’s Smallest Phone

This will give you a super compact communication device with all the essential functions. Ok, you won’t be able to install Instagram on it, let alone play Fortnite, but that’s the whole point: getting back to basics. So you can phone, of course, but also send SMS like the good old days. With its Dual-SIM function , its 7 cm in length and its 120 hour autonomy , it is the ideal companion during your jogging or hiking sessions!


Android type smartphone endoscope, 3.5 meters long with 6 LED lighting and adjustable brightness. Thanks to its flexibility, this endoscope can be introduced in places difficult to access the human eye. Moreover, thanks to its 6 LEDs for lighting with adjustable intensity, the vision will be possible even in low light conditions.

It can really be used for many applications. Images can be viewed on the display of any Android Smartphone.

The endoscope is equipped with a MICRO USB connector to which the smartphone can be connected and at the same time perform the movements necessary to inspect the desired parts.


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