Woof Washer 360

Every dog owner knows that a dog bath can easily end in disaster. Blood, sweat and tears – and the dog are not happy either. Of course, you want to get through the procedure as effectively and easily as possible. With the Woof Washer 360, your dog is clean in no time!

Woof Washer 360 - Put a Ring on Your Dog!

All you need besides this helpful tool is a water hose and a dog shampoo. The wash ring is connected to a water hose and the shampoo container screwed on Woof Washer 360. The shampoo is automatically released into the water and after you put the ring on your dog, its coat will be effectively cleaned all around with soft water jets. Forget about annoying baths - now your best friend will be clean in no time and smells fresh from the snout to the tail. Let’s give it a good reason to swing its tail!


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