Wireless Bicycle Signal Pod

Don’t you feel confident enough and visible when you cycle? Are you tired of having to use your arm to indicate the direction? That’s why we offer you luminous and acoustic direction indicators for Signal Pod bikes! Being clearly visible when cycling, especially in times of poor visibility, is undoubtedly the basis of safety regulations. This fantastic direction indicator, not only will it make you well visible, but it will also allow you to signal the direction clearly and safely. A few gestures will be enough to turn in all serenity and security! Using Signal Pods is easy! Simply attach the indicators to the saddle barrel and attach the remote control to the handlebar. When it comes time to turn right or left you just need to click on the button ! No cable, no confusion, it’s wireless … easier than that! Equipped also with an acoustic signal to warn passers-by and to remind you to turn it off after turning the corner. It has bright amber LEDs for excellent visibility. Blinking in the shape of an arrow, they will make you visible for more than a kilometer! What’s more, it’s waterproof, so you will be safe even in the rain. If unfortunately you find yourself in a circumstance of danger, don’t worry, just press the central button to set the flashing lights continuously. Turn the bike around in complete safety!