WINBOT Window Cleaning Robot

This robot is what human race needed since windows are invented. The window cleaning robot will clean every centimeter square of your windows and clean it so well that you’ll not be able to see them (So be careful). The appliance is so easy and can be remote controlled. Winbot has a design award and you’ll understand that it deserves the award after you plug it for the first time. Enjoy your crystal clean windows.

WINBOT Window Cleaning Robot

In your home or office, there are huge, half-open windows that need to be kept clean at all times? Do you not have time for this and energy? And what do you say if, instead of you, a compact robot that can move independently on the surface of windows and clean them?

The company ECOVACS, already known in the market more than ten years for robotic devices for home life, has developed a specialized window cleaning robot. WINBOT, that is, the "window robot", at the moment is the only device in its class. This mini-robot is able to wash glass of any thickness, and they do not necessarily have to be part of conventional windows: WINBOT is equipped with a system of recognition of frameless glass surfaces. So it can be used for cleaning glass doors and shower cabins.

WINBOT is very simple to handle: just place it on any glass, turn it on and press the "Start" button. Everything else the mini-robot will do on its own. WINBOT will determine the size of the window, build an optimal route for its quick cleaning and after finishing its work, it will shut down. It is held on vertical surfaces by means of two concentric contours, one of which is located inside the other - if the outer circuit detects a loss of contact with the glass, the robot will immediately change the path of motion so as not to go beyond the window.

Like any robot, WINBOT requires electricity for work. Even if there are interruptions during its washing process, WINBOT will go into the stand-alone mode by switching to the built-in lithium-ion battery.