Waboba Dog Ball

Waboba Dog Ball

The special version of Waboba, the ball bouncing on the water. A reinforced version for use with your 4-legged friend!

The Waboba balls are an essential game for the pool or beach. These are revolutionary balls that have a unique ability to bounce on the water. With a little practice, you can become a true Waboba launch master and you can shoot with a number of record bounces. But we humans are not the only ones having fun with water and a ball. Even our 4-legged friends love to play in the water, especially if they have something to go to retrieve and bring back to the owner.

For this reason, the Waboba Dog Ball was born, the special version designed to play with your dog. The size and great reactivity in water are the same as the classic Waboba balls, to change is the color and the mass of polyurethane that forms the heart of the ball.

The yellow color is designed to ensure maximum visibility for the dog, so it can see where you throw the ball and find it even in the water. The polyurethane mass in the center of the sphere is denser, so the Waboba Dog Ballis more resistant to the dog's teeth.

Obviously, this does not make it indestructible, the ball bouncing on the water for dogs is a retrieval ball, so after the dog has taken it, have it given for a new throw. If it were to start gnawing at it, the Waboba ball would end up like any other ball or finished object in the shredding jaws of dogs.