True Cash Stash

It’s Sunday, it’s 4 am and the dark creatures of the night have, with amazement, lightened the wallet before letting you continue to doze on the park bench. But fortunately you had foreseen everything and you had attached a hiding place for money to your key ring. This hideout will serve as a financial parachute when you need it most! Simply roll up a banknote and hide it in the aluminum container. And when, after a party with rivers of alcohol, the next day you will find yourself at the other end of the city, you signal a taxi driver and in a worldly tone tell him: “Take me home dear!”. Made of high-quality aluminum, also used in the aviation industry, this container is waterproof and it is small enough to forget you until you need it again. Wherever you find yourself: attached to your key ring, this container will never leave you dry!