Trono Inflatable Chair

Do you want to have a spear chair but you still want to save some space? This Inflatable Chair is what you have been looking for. It can hold up to 150 kg (330lbs), inflates in so fast that it is only 3 seconds, and it has a fine suede cover. It stays inflated up to 4 hours. It can be washable as well. Trono thought about everything you could possibly want from a chair. You can use it just anywhere you wish.

TRONO the Inflatable Chair

If you go to the beach for a day you can do two things. Very crooked on your towel lying in the sand or getting a bed at one of the beach tents, though you often pay money for it. Well, the few euros do not really matter that much, but it would be even better if you always have a lounge chair with you. Also for impulsive park barbeques or at a bedside shortage next to your pool.

The TRONO is an inflatable lounge chair that eliminates clumsy camping and garden chairs. And then we mean inflatable as in the sense of: turning two turns around your axis, letting in air and your chair is ready!

The inflatable chair of TRONO is in fact a big bag that you fill by keeping it in the air and, as it were, to catch the air around you. Then you close it and voilà, your chair is standing. If it blows hard, you can still fasten it with pegs. And for extra comfort you can zip up a soft protective cover. Just genius.

We were apparently not the only one with this thought, because TRONO has designed a product that you easily put in your bag and where you can chill everywhere!


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