Tikal Board Game

Tikal was the capital of one of the most powerful kingdoms of the Mayan era. It is actually one of the largest archaeological sites in South America. So in this game, you lead a team of adventurers and search for the treasures of a fascinating civilization!

You have a limited number of action points per turn to lead your team through the jungle. Discover temples, find treasures, establish camps … But the site is coveted, and competition is tough!

Tikal is a majority and placement game, both simple in approach and deeply tactical.

Tikal Board Game

Settlers of Catan was the game that won all praise in 1995, in 1999 this honor was reserved for Tikal.

As an expedition leader, you go in this game in search of Maya temples and try to dig up as many treasures as possible. The game board unfolds as the game progresses. Every time a player has his turn, he places a hexagonal field surface on the board. These surfaces can consist of temples, treasure sites or open spaces in the jungle. A new terrain plane must have an entrance on at least one other surface. These entrances are a varying number of pebbles on the terrain surfaces. By placing the new plane conveniently, you can make it difficult for your fellow players to access.

Each player has ten action points. These can be spent on moving expedition participants, uncovering new temple levels or digging or exchanging treasures. Every stone you pass with a participant costs you one action point. For each game, you can claim a temple for yourself twice and build a new expedition camp twice. The latter prevents your participants from walking far because they can start from any camp. When uncovering a temple, pay attention to the level of chips. There are only a few copies of the highest levels!