Tetris Light Blocks

Who has not played Tetris before? It’s now available as a mood lamp! The Tetris Light Blocks come in the following colors: pink, purple, green, red, yellow, blue and orange. These blocks give light as soon as they make contact with each other.

Build the 7 different blocks together and create your own lamp in an instant!

Tetris Light Blocks

Everybody loves Tetris! The Tetris Light Blocks set is a light version of the world-famous game. Respecting the principle and the form of the game, those lightings are totally flexible! You add the Tetris bricks as you wish and when a block comes into contact with the rest of the lamp, it lights up!

All the bricks are independent, except for the first base that receives the power supply. They become luminous in contact with the construction that you realize. Each block emits a different color light, making the whole thing even more spectacular!


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