Terraforming Mars Board Game

This game takes place in the 2400s. When humanity began to terraform the planet Mars. Giant corporations on Earth initiate this vast project. In Terraforming Mars, you manage one of the guilds and work in conjunction with the terraforming process.

You will have to increase the temperature, the oxygen level, and oceanic expanses to make the planet habitable. To succeed, you will also have to expand the human infrastructures in the solar system.

Terraforming takes place in the year 2400 on the planet Mars. Terraforming Mars is a cooperative board game where players start with a minimal income.

Several corporations are competing to make Mars a habitable planet. They use a huge number of resources and innovative technologies to raise the temperature and create a livable atmosphere and oceans. As the terraforming process progresses, more and more people will leave the Earth to settle on the Red Planet.

In Terraforming Mars you are the head of a corporation with its own specialization and goals. Play project maps, increase your production, place your cities and green zones on the map and strive for milestones and awards! Will your corporation point the way to a new era in the history of mankind?