Sushi GO! Card Game

Pass the sushi! In this smooth card game, you try to collect the best combinations of sushi dishes. Score points with most maki rolls or by collecting a complete set of sashimi. Immerse your favorite nigiri in wasabi to triple the value. But do not forget the dessert, otherwise, you will lose points! Score the most points and show that you are a real sushi chef!

Sushi GO! Board Game

A strategy game for 2-5 players. Sushi GO! is a sushi themed board game and its drawings are incredibly cute! The game consists of 3 rounds. At the beginning of each turn, everyone has 7 different sushi cards in their hands. Everybody gives the deck to the player next to him after he/she chooses a sushi he wants. You earn points by making different combinations of sushi ingredients with your chosen cards and the player with the most points at the end of 3 rounds wins the game. All players are constantly active throughout the game and the replayability of the game is quite high!

Sushi GO! 2013's best card and best family game.