Stylized Wine Decanter

The wine is especially appreciated when it has been ventilated. When the wine is granted time to “breathe”, its aromas and taste develop to play with all your senses during the famous and long-awaited tasting. You will have this magical experience with this beautifully designed wine aerator decanter!

2 Phases of Aeration 

Phase One:
The aeration process is done by pouring the wine into the decanter. The shape of this one optimizes the aeration and the conservation of the wine more quickly.

Phase Two:
2 hours of waiting is the best way to taste wine in a perfect way. When you serve it, the wine will go through the various forms of our decanter and will mix all its flavors before reaching the glass.
There is evidence that the aeration and oxygenation of wine is the best way to maximize the virtues of the famous nectar