Stronghold Board Game

Stronghold is a board game essentially for 2 players, extremely original, from the fantasy setting well linked to the mechanics of the game, where the attacker besieges the fortress of the defender, but where the winner will be who will have more glory points.

This castle siege board game promise hours of clash and fun!

Stronghold Board Game

In Stronghold, you fall in a middle of a besieged fortress, 2 huge armies are clashing each other. One is attacking the fortress while the other defends it with the cost of his people live. 2 to 4 players can join the game.

At every turn, the attacker reinforces their troops with 14 soldiers and assign to them different tasks. Send your soldiers to cut some wood, to build war machines, to spy on the enemy or even sabotage their infrastructures. You can also use magic, move your troops and throw them into the assault.

However, the defenders have to train their countrysiders to fight. They can send their soldiers on the other side of the murals to sabotage the actions of the invaders, pray for their survey and much more actions to disengage the siege.