Star Wars Death Star Toaster

The Death Star, a giant, powerful, scary weapon of destruction. Yet its infinitely smaller replica was able to even more enthusiastically convince Darth Vader. True, perhaps talking about the enthusiasm with Darth Vader is exaggerated, but we do not miss when we say that the Dark Lord has much appreciated the toaster version. Because? First, it does not cost as much as the Galaxy’s GDP, it does not need thousands of men to run and above all… it is not targeted by the Rebel Alliance’s X-Wing hunt!

All its power is not aimed at the destruction of planets, which is pleasant, but which after a while begins to be repetitive, but serves to burn the slices of bread, so as to toast them and make them much better and fragrant. All of these reasons explain why the Death Star Toaster has become a successful Star Wars gadget because even if Darth Vader recognized the potential it means fans can go safely.

The Death Star Toaster is a classic vertical model that holds 2 slices of bread at a time. What makes it special is the shape of Death Star, a replica reprocessed to fit the ball to the needs of the small household appliance. The second peculiarity is the internal resistors that burn the bread, and instead of creating a uniform gilding (or burning), the core of the TIE-Fighter hunt is left in the center. The pictures show slices of almost carbonized bread, but it's just to emphasize the dark side of the toasts and to highlight the shape of the TIE-Fighter. The adjustable thermostat allows you to choose the gild that you prefer.

Now, however, the choice is up to you. The Galactic Empire has created it, are you ready to receive the Death Star Toaster in your kitchens?