Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker

What is white, plump and pop in the Death Star? One is tempted to believe that only stormtroopers fit this description. But then you have probably escaped that even in far, far away galaxies like to nibble popcorn! Well, no, this is not a moon. This is a popcorn machine that looks like the Death Star!

By the hot air inside the Death Star Popcorn Maker produces, corn kernels are turned into crispy popcorn! Thanks to the hot air, you can do it without fat or oil. Imperium's popcorn is much healthier than ordinary microwave popcorn, and in your hands, you also have the power over flavor. If you cannot afford the buttery taste of your popcorn, put the matching measuring cup on top of the space station to melt butter while the popcorn pops. Like all space stations of rank and name, our Death Star also has two shells; an outer one that picks up your finished popcorn, and an inner one with a removable flap that pops out your finished popcorn.

A movie night without a snack is not a movie night. And the hot air popcorn machine is the perfect accessory when the next Star Wars Marathon is coming up!