Soap Dispanser Snail

Your 9-year-old is dragging his feet to wash his hands before meals? Okay, it’s true that as an adult, few of us still have this regular habit. Unless you have gardened in the kitchen garden, made mechanics or prepared a crumble with shortbread dough: the need to wash your hands regularly does not always appear obvious. And above all: we do not think about it. But in the same way that our parents insisted on this point during our education, perhaps you will be able to fix this habit permanently in your children (or maybe not, but at least we will not be able to say that you do have not tried).

Anyway, there is an infallible tip to motivate our little ones to have impeccable hygiene: the soap dispenser Snail. Press his shell and soap liquid will come out of his mouth – instead of drooling. What to make the experience immediately more fun!