Smartphone Hudway Glass

Science fiction movies make us dream. Especially with regard to those fantastic futuristic gadgets that we would all like to have! The time machine varies laser guns, chips to communicate telepathically or even systems to project an image onto a window! Beautiful the future, isn’t it? In some cases, science fiction films also manage to anticipate the near future, inspiring researchers to create objects that seemed to belong only to the world of fantasy. Here is an excellent example of a device that has moved from the world of cellulose to the real one: the Smartphone Display Hudway Glass head Up!

This is an incredibly practical accessory that only fighter pilots knew until recently. It is transparent glass able to reflect the screen of your smartphone. Which makes it, for example, perfect for following the directions of the GPS navigator. You can follow the path, but without an object that takes up part of your visual field (since it is transparent). This same principle clearly also applies to many other applications on your smartphone.
What to say, the future has arrived!