Slackers Ninjaline Climbing Track

New obstacles for your climbing track for a ninja workout worthy of its name! The cool accessory is an addition to the Slackers Ninja Line Climbing Track and contains exciting challenges for climbing, swinging and competing with friends! Please note that every item is sold in kits or separately.

As a ninja, you can never really make yourself comfortable. You always have to be prepared to develop a new form of progress. For example, climbing a net or hanging from a wheel swinging over a precipice. Your ninja skills must be trained permanently. And how do you do that best? Of course, by adding even more exciting obstacles to your Slackers Ninja Line climbing track!

With this accessory, you can supplement your climbing track with new tasks. On the Ninja Ladder rope ladder, you can climb lofty heights and the big Ninja Net climbing net demands a good sense of balance and a lot of courage. The Ninja Wheel is a real challenge. On a spinning wheel swings to the abyss. And if you want to compete with your friends as to who will make the fastest move, Ninja Timer is indispensable!

You do not have a climbing course yet? Then grab the Slackers Ninja line Intro Kit for the exciting Ninja training in the garden!