The Settlers of Catan STAR TREK

In Settlers of Catan, whenever you move, you will think it is the biggest hassle in the world. Imagine what it was like for any group of people that decided to go and settle in a new world. You will find yourself having hours and hours of fun with your friends or members of your family. Furthermore, the legendary board game has a new STAR TREK themed version now!

Star Trek Catan Board Game Star Trek Themed Version

In this new variant of the well-known Settlers of Catan, players build space stations to produce raw materials and expand their network. As usual, they can exchange their raw materials, such as dilithium and tritanium, with the other players. With these raw materials, they build new spaceships and space stations. Meanwhile, a Klingon ship sows unrest. Each player creeps into the role of one of the following characters, each having a unique special feature: Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Sulu, Scott, Uhura, Chekov, Chapel, Rand or Sarek.

The thematic setting of the game ensures that players really feel part of the famous science fiction series Star Trek!

About Settlers of Catan the Original Game:

You are the first nations to reach CATAN. Throw the bases of your villages and expand them into new territories where they can provide you with plenty of resources. With other players, try to get the resources you need by clever trading. These resources will help you get the villages, cities, roads, or development cards. Remember that the land and resources on the island CATAN are limited, so an unrelenting struggle awaits you so that you can rule the island! Develop your strategies wisely and trust your luck.

And be careful! Your riffs can cut your way to block your expansions or steal your resources by sending thieves to your land!