Selfish Space Board Game

You and your friends are astronauts on a mission in space. Oxygen begins to run low and the spacecraft is far away. Only the most ruthless of you will be able to reach it and get to safety!

Selfish Space Board Game

How far would you go to save yourself? The Selfish Space Edition setting sends you far, far away. In the space!
But this board game pushes you much further from a moral point of view because to win you have to turn your back on your teammates and think only of yourself.
In Selfish Space Edition players dress up the bulky clothes of a group of astronauts on a space mission. While they are busy outside the shuttle they realize they are almost out of oxygen. Thus began a run to the last breath to reach the spaceship and get to safety.
But there is a problem, only one of you can be saved, for others, the fate is death and oblivion in space. So say goodbye to friendships and cooperation. In Selfish Space Edition, you do not look at anyone. There is only you, your supplies of oxygen and the ship. The goal is clear, reach it before the others, and only the most ruthless can succeed.
In the game, you will have to face unexpected events like wormholes, asteroid fields and laser explosions, but it does not matter. What you must fear is that someone else will reach the ship before you.
Selfish Space Edition is a fun card gameto do in the company. Do not worry about the setting, Selfish will end several friendships but only among the astronauts of the game. For you and your friends, there will be only laughter and lots of fun. And if you laugh until you miss your breath, do not worry, oxygen is abundant on Earth.


  • Selfish Space Edition
  • Ruthless but fun card game
  • Spatial setting in which you have to interpret astronauts short of oxygen
  • Only the first person to reach the space ship will be able to save himself
  • Game for 2 to 5 players
  • Suitable for ages 10 and up (if helped by an adult due to UK text on cards)
  • Duration: about 20 minutes


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