EcoSphere Self Sustaining Aquatic Ecosystem

Don’t you want to own your self-sustaining aquatic cosmos inside your own cosmos called home? This Self Sustaining Ecosphere is a balanced ecosystem which hosts shrimps, algae, and microorganisms in salt water. Ecosphere has everything for our tiny friends to survive. Neither the water needs to be changed, nor they need to be fed. It’s a complete habitat in a closed sphere that thrives itself and all it needed is a good temperature and a source of light. Get one and be amazed by mutual relationships of nature!

EcoSphere is a biologically balanced environment and there live small shrimps, which interact with the other elements of this miniature aquatic ecosystem in plastic.

Imagine an aquarium where you never have to feed its inhabitants and that you never have to clean. It would look like a Harry Potter Saga object, but it is not. It is a new concept of the self-sufficient ecosystem that fascinates young and old. A beautiful educational and scientific product to understand how every ecosystem of the world is made.

EcoSphere is a Do-It-Yourself eco-friendly plastic Ecosystem in PET plastic, equipped with all the elements necessary to create it directly at home or at school: the small microalgae spores generate oxygen and food thanks to the photosynthesis process. Shrimp uses oxygen and eating microalgae to generate carbon dioxide. In turn, this is reused by microalgae that transform it back into food and air.

Only light (of the day or electric) and air (once a month) must come from outside.

Each biosphere with shrimp is a unique specimen, there are not two identical!