Segway One S1 One Wheel Electric Unicycle

Segway One S1  One Wheel Electric Unicycle is a smart and trendy personal mobility device. Thanks to its small size, you can carry and store this futuristic device everywhere. So do not deprive yourself more, you can use it in the city, on the sidewalks or even in the subway.

Just relax and roll!

Segway One S1 One Wheel Electric Unicycle

This One Wheel Electric Unicycle is a personal transporter with one wheel instead of two wheels as is the case with most boards. The self-balancing smart board wheel is placed in the middle of the board. There are enough platforms on both sides of the wheel to provide enough space to stand. If you have never heard of such a means of transportation, you are wondering whether it is difficult to be in balance.

Actually, is much simpler than you think to be balanced with electric unicycles. The smart operating system automatically balances and itself and holds its position. You should also have noticed that neither the accelerator pedal nor the steering wheel is connected. The reason is that the device is very sensitive to the movements of the driver. If you lean forward, gas is given, you lean back, it stops. Making turns and curves is simply done by leaning to the side you want to go to.

The big difference between the two-wheel board and a one wheel electric unicycle is to be much more compact. They usually weigh up to 10 kilograms, and special bags are also available.

This allows you to easily hover at work, on the train or at school. Being compact and able to be carried make it less risky than the other transporting devices. In addition, these one-wheeled electric unicycles are used more often to make tricks. While one-wheeled unicycle is ideal for making beautiful tricks, a two-wheeled board can only be used to go from A to B.


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