Sçythe Board Game

Scythe can be played by 1-5 players. Each of them embodies one of the 5 factions. Try to make fortune and take possession of the lands that surround the Factory. And know that the other factions have the same purpose than you. So be smart and strong!


After the war in Europe, the city-state The Factory closed its gates because the mechs they produced were no longer needed. Five neighboring countries are now trying to annex this mysterious area.

In this game each player plays a character that is sent by his country to recruit followers, to build up buildings and to extract resources to activate their gigantic mechs. You do this by performing actions on your player board. You can also improve these actions, make them both more powerful and cheaper. On the big game board, your leader discovers the new areas and he has to make important (moral) choices. In addition, you can use your mechs to conquer areas on your opponents.

All this aims to increase the popularity of your country so that they have the support of the people when they take over The Factory. For example, you can gain popularity by building lots of buildings, activating all your Mechs, winning battles, developing new technologies or fulfilling your secret mission.

Each faction has its own capabilities and raw materials, so you always have to use new strategies. In addition, the events and opportunities offered by The Factory will be different from each game. Only the player who knows all these factors will become the new leader of The Factory.