Retro Fridge Lunch Box

Have you spent the morning or evening of the day on preparing your lunch with love? The last thing you want to see at noon is to find a mishmash in your lunchbox because of the degeneration of your meal! Because a poorly preserved meal is a meal that is likely to end up in the trash! Let’s stop the mess!

One thing is certain, this retro fridge lunch box will make a splash with colleagues at work during the break! Firstly, its design, original and a bright red that catches the eye, shaped like a vintage fridge, and equipped with many features, very quickly risk becoming indispensable to your daily life! Secondly, this lunchbox has 2 well-defined compartments to avoid unpleasant surprises when you open your box at noon and a lid that will protect both your hot and cold foods!

Here is an original gift idea for gourmet breaks!

Bon appetite!