Puzzlebox Orbit The Brain Controlled Helicopter

The fiction of controlling things with our thoughts was already known, but now we can also get a piece of that technology in our homes. Meet the Brain-Controlled Helicopter, Puzzlebox Orbit.

Besides, if you always wanted to be a Jedi, this is the closest issue you can get. Amaze your friends with the Orbit and show them who’s got the real force inside!

Develop your telekinetic abilities by controlling your brain controlled helicopter with the simple force of your mind. The operating system is match with Android or Apple IOS mobile phone and tablet. Easy to control you can make it fly even in the smallest rooms of your apartment. The sphere all around the drone is protecting you and the goods of your home. Safe, easy and amazing.

The better you can concentrate, the better the drone flies. Your concentration of power is measured by an EEG headset. By concentrating on colors displayed on a pyramid you can fly the drone. From that pyramid rises the drone and there you can let it float. The colors on the pyramid show the power of your concentration. By practicing a lot, it should be possible to concentrate better and better.

The makers of the drone have had a successful campaign on Kickstarter so that the Orbit is now for sale for everyone. As soon as you receive the kit you can immediately get started. The product is even completely open-source, so you can also develop programs yourself.