Pinot Meow Cat Wine

When you are having a good drinking night, you can share some good wine with your beloved furry friend and let it enjoy the night as well as you do. This natural cat wine does not harm your pet and it is delicious. And since your little rascal won’t get drunk, it will wake up without hangovers.

Pinot Meow Pet Wine

Imagine you are sitting on the couch, finish the third glass of wine looking through the next series of your favorite series, and suddenly you are struck by a feeling of unbearable loneliness, which even the cat sitting on your lap can not dispel. In addition, you are tormented by the thought that perhaps you are an alcoholic if you drink alone. Okay don't worry, it's all in the past now. Because you can drink with your cat! Meet the cat wine!

Despite its name, the cat wine is not alcohol. Providing real wine to the cat would be quite irresponsible. Pinot Meow contains only organic catnip and water that is dyed with beetroot to remind wine. According to the manufacturer, the wine is made as a tea, but it was wanted to look like wine so that consumers could feel sharing a glass of wine with their pet.

Founder of Apollo Peak, Brandon Zavala, tells Huffington Post of the idea of a laugh. He glued the Pinot Meow label to the right wine bottle and began to wonder if the right wine for the cats would be in demand.

The cat wine is absolutely safe for cats, although it can cause a good start to the little beast of the home. What do you think? Wouldn't it be a fun addition to the life of a cat family?

And it's one of the best gifts for cat lovers!