Pet Photo Booth

Ever wanted to see how your pet looks like a hula dancer, cowboy, Viking, superhero or an astronaut? Now is your chance! This 5-sided cardboard box has fun cartoon-like graphics on each side – with a small hole for your cat or small dog to push their face through.

Pet Photo Booth - Play Box for Pets with Holes for the Head

Does your cat or dog jump immediately into a cardboard box as it is in the room? Then your pet finds the Pet Photo Booth completely crazy. The box is great for taking hilarious pictures of your cat or dog. On each side of the Pet Photo Booth is another adventure so your pet becomes the star of humorous pictures. Very nice to share with your friends or family. Cats and dogs like to play in a box and all in one like this one. They eventually choose themselves by which hole they are stuck their heads. And then it's up to you to quickly take a genial photo. Great for sharing on social media.

Gates of astronaut, cowboy, superhero, Viking or hula dancer. The cardboard box has five images with holes for your pet's head. At one moment your pet is a hula dancer in Hawaii and the next moment he or she is flying as an astronaut through space. The other three color images feature a superhero, a Viking, and a cowboy. The Photobooth is easy to assemble and suitable for cats and small dogs. Through this accessory, you can share the humorous pictures of your beloved pets on social media. Or give the picture a nice place in the living room.