Perplexus Original 3D Labyrinth Puzzle Ball

Are you always the one who is the first to solve a puzzle? Are you looking for a challenge? Then go all the way with this colorful 3D labyrinth puzzle full of landings, slides, and exciting narrow trails. It’s Perplexus Original!

Perplexus Original - 3D Labyrinth Puzzle Ball

This colorful ball contains 118 steps with which you have fun for hours. Turn the colorful ball around and guide your marble. Challenge your friends! See who first enlist these exciting obstacles and expect the unexpected! Train your skills with this jigsaw puzzle. You can work as often as and whenever you want.

Perplexus Original is for hours of fun! This colorful ball is compact in shape and easy to carry. Is your train journey always so boring? Make an exciting trip of and practice him on the train. Are you up for the challenge? Do not be put off by the tension and the challenge but go on the fight. Order it now and prepare to be A-mazed!


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