Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Blue Edition)

The world is about to be upside down. In Pandemic Legacy, your special operation team has to beat back four lethal diseases during a year. Every month will come with their unexpectable events and any of your actions will have a significant impact on the next turns. Which cities will fall? Will you manage to prevent diseases from ending humankind? An epic approach of the pandemic mechanisms.

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (Blue Edition)

It started slowly, with a virus more resistant than the others. In theory, nothing that the team cannot manage. However early in February the virus mutated again, and bring on a year that we will never be able to forget!

Once again, dangerous and contagious diseases break out worldwide, but this time these diseases mutate monthly, so the team has to adjust every time. The players all have a role in a research team that tries to fight the outbreaks of the diseases. They fly around the world to investigate the diseases and to limit the outbreaks, obviously with the ultimate goal of completely curing the disease. The spread of the disease and the outbreaks are determined by the game and you do your best to win the game. It is, of course, important that you work well together. Otherwise, you will not be able to save it!

Unlike the normal Pandemic, the outcome of each game also affects the following games. This way characters can change or even be lost altogether and diseases will mutate like never before. In this way, a unique game is created that is formed by your playing group.