PancakeBot 3D Pancake Printer

Be the best parent ever by making the most wonderful pancakes to your children. Be sure they will go to school with their eyes full of stars. Design your own or choose the models you want, connect to your futuristic tool and turn it on. Your boy will finally spread Nutella on his favorite hero: Ironman, Hulk, Rick… Everything is possible with the PancakeBot 3D Pancake Printer!

Printers are one of the most hated devices in the house. The moment you want to use it, the machine always gives you an error about its ink or the paper. Unlikely that one, this printer will never let you hate but just love; well it prints pancakes. Meet the PancakeBot 2.0!

A must for pancake lovers

This robot is not just a machine, it is one of 3D printer, but for pancakes. You can insert an SD card into the 3d pancake printer with the pattern that you want to 'print'. You can also be able to work in different patterns to print and try to find your original creation.

To create your own creation, PancakeBot has developed its own software on which you can design an illustration yourself. At the end of the ride, you will probably lose as much time as you normally are, but you cannot leave it.

The pancake printer was a project launched via Kickstarter. It was such a huge success that a real community can be found online with people who share their most beautiful creations. Do you also want to belong to this community and eat the 3D-printed pancakes? Then you can buy the PancakeBot 2.0 for about $289.14 on Amazon.

Just make your pancakes in the old school way, but do you think 3D printers are cool? Then perhaps this is a good alternative.