Pac Man Ghost Light

Who, at least once, has never played with what can safely be called the most famous video games? How have you not yet figured out what video game we're talking about? But it's clear, Pac-Man! Certainly, among the most popular games in the world, it boasts millions of fans and fans who have spent whole afternoons of their children having fun escaping from the famous ghosts. We have played so much that now we seem to see the characters of the game in real life... A moment, but are we or one of the ghosts has just come out of the video? But nooo, it is the legendary Ghost from Pac-Man! This fantastic table lamp reproduces the forms of one of the most feared enemies of Pac-Man, the ghost in fact.

This Pac Man Ghost Light is a multicolored lamp, can be regulated through 2 different lighting modes. You can choose between 16 different colors and 2 light effects: Fading mode and Party mode. This lamp is a real cult and will be perfect on the desk or in the bedroom!


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