Oiladdin Oil Pourer

With this oil painter and stopper, you can taste the atmosphere of the magical oriental world. A rest assured: only oil comes from the lamp, no spirit. Because you are already in the oriental atmosphere, your dishes will taste even better. Use the bottle stopper with olive oil, salad oil or a delicious nut oil during special dinners. The oil lamp is made of silicone and can simply be put in the dishwasher.

Oiladdin Oil Pourer - Bottle Stopper

Do you always shoot out with the olive oil when you pour on your dish? You will no longer have this problem with the Oiladdin oil pourer and stopper from Peleg Design. Put this yellow oil pourer on an oil bottle to pour the right amount of oil in a pan. Because of the special spout, you do not shoot out, but you can pour very well. You can also close a bottle with this oil lamp. Press the oil lamp in slightly so that the entire bottle is closed. This keeps your luxury oil good and you can easily use it again next time.