Nostalgia Electrics 3 in 1 Family Breakfast Station

After you get this 3 in 1 breakfast station you’ll never miss any of your breakfasts; Coffee Maker, Owen, and Griddle. You and your family will prepare nostalgic and adorable breakfasts with this cool and nostalgic machine. It’s big enough to fit put 4 slices of toast bread at the same time. Food can be reheated with the 30-minute timer. Enjoy your breakfast!

There is a reason that they call it breakfast of champions! People who love good toast, a cup of their favorite coffee and some eggs with well-made sausages will surely give their approval to the Retro Breakfast Station 3-in-1 of Nostalgia Electrics. This breakfast station certainly honors its name, where you can make toast, coffee and eggs in a device with a design that will surely transport your parents to their days of youth. This 3-in-1 unit consists of a toaster oven, a frying pan, and a coffee maker, where the toaster oven has a capacity of 6 liters inside and the coffee maker offers up to four cups of coffee to have a good start in the morning. As for the non-removable skillet, it's perfect for making eggs and sausages the way you like them. Speaking of traveling back in time to the past with just one device!


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