Myth Board Game

Myth Board Game is a fun and immersive game where the players feel really heroic. During this full co-operative game, the players create their own legends. Those stories go beyond the game, by becoming real myths. Myth Board Game that you will share with friends and family, telling epics moments around a pint of hydromel between smiles and giggles. Play with 2-5 players in cooperation to achieve your quest. And like Warhammer, you can exercise your talents as a painter by customing your figurines and make them look alive. 

The Myth Board Game is a cooperative game with beautiful miniatures that takes place in a fantasy setting. Two to five players are the heroes and have to work together to defeat the dark forces. Through different exciting encounters, difficult tests and the avoidance of traps, players make their own story. These stories are the real legends, which will be shared with other friends and will form beautiful memories. A complete game of Myth calls a story, and each story consists of three companies. These can be played consecutively or in different sessions, each hero in Myth has a unique set of properties, and these are represented by separate deck cards. These decks give the players freedom and the ability to really influence the story at any time, but working together remains the most important element of the game. Remember, in Myth, no victory or success without cooperation!