MYO Muscle Gesture Armband

MYO Armband is a futuristic device that it will make you feel the taste of control. Wireless feature of this armband lets you control your wireless electronic devices such as pc, drone or smartphone. It reads the electric signals of your muscles and you can control things with your plethora. It’s magic and it’s right here waiting for you.

Muscle Contraction Control Armband

Smart clocks, bracelets, phones, televisions and other technologies are on the way to becoming an integral part of our lives. Although these products are intelligent technologies, they all need human control. So how do we control these technologies?

Today, many of these and other intelligent technologies are controlled by touch-control. But at this point, what companies and entrepreneurs really want to do is to touch the products with hands-free or natural movements. One of these problem-focused products is the Myo Armband!

Myo Armband is a wearable technology used to attach to the arm, allowing you to control other technologies by sensing arm muscles and movements. Myo Armband, a Canadian-based Thalmic Labs product supported by investment firms such as Intel Capital and Spark Capital, works with Bluetooth 4.0 technology to make it easy to integrate with Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android operating systems.

Myo calculates the electrical activity of your muscles with EMG (Electromyogram) sensors inside; and at the moment you perceive what your hand is doing. There is also an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensor that can tell you where your arm is moving relative to the 9 different directions in the dimensional plane. This gives you a wide range of control by calculating both your hand movements and the angle your hand is in.


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