MiniPresso Portable Mini Espresso Machine

Nothing worse than being condemned at work to a plastic cup with unadulterated ditch water. Many coffee vending machines broke out a light brown substance that does not even come close to the black gold. Fortunately, the real coffee lover no longer has to resign themselves to this ominous scenario. With the MiniPresso of Wacaco you always have a good espresso at your fingertips!

MiniPresso - Mini Espresso Machino

But as a real Houser, you definitely don’t want to bore yourself by bringing all the coffee set with you. That will take many places in your bag and lot of time to make it. With the team, we decided that it was the time to find a solution for our lovely Housers. So here we are! We have the pleasure to introduce you the perfect portable espresso maker that you probably dreamed about… once!

This technology does not need a battery or electric power, the MiniPresso has a hand-operated system. That tiny espresso machine has a sleek modern design and an intuitive operation. Small and light, you can carry it anytime with you, to savor the espresso you like, wherever you want!