Mermaid Blanket

There are days when you would like to dive your head underwater and never go back to the surface. No, no deadly allusion here: we are talking about turning into a mermaid. It must be said that the famous cartoon The Little Mermaid has convinced us all, at one time or another, that breathing underwater would be a real asset.
Be able to discover the coral reefs of New Zealand, visit wrecks of pirate ships, filled with precious stones and pearl necklaces, have a pet shrimp and a clown fish: the foot, right?

And if the possibility of a career half-woman, half-fish, seems far away: do not miss the mermaid blanket. Not only is it a very good alternative to comfort you in difficult times, but in addition, its soft and silky structure will guarantee you a mid-cocooning, half-fairy tale!