Magic Soap Fish

Many times no matter how much you wash your hands, the smell seems to stay there and don’t want to leave. For this chef, cooks and cooking enthusiasts are always looking for an effective method to remove bad smells from the hands .
Now you can end the research because there is the definitive remedy, and a little jokingly the solution is offered by a fish, one of the main causes of bad smells on the hands.
The Fish Soap Magic is a very special soap because it is not made of soap. Its use, however, is the same as for a bar of soap, so take it in your hands and wash it under running water as you normally would.
It seems senseless, why wash your hands without soap? And yet, after about 30 seconds of washing, the hands will have lost all traces of various smells and smells.
The Magic Soap Fish is a useful and curious gift idea for all friends and relatives who love cooking but are intolerant of bad smells.