Luckies Smartphone Projector

Put your smartphone in this retro projector and the special lens enlarges the image x 10 on the wall! That way you can easily turn your room into your own home cinema.

So sit back on the couch, relax and make a nice bowl of popcorn... Because from now on you will not watch any YouTube videos, series, films or broadcast missed on a mini-screen anymore. Because even though the screens of smartphones are getting bigger, as large as this smartphone projector makes the image they never become!

How does the smartphone projector work? Insert your smartphone into the projector's fold-out box. The silicone pad in this box ensures that your smartphone remains stable. The lens can be manually adjusted so that it is enlarged in the right way. The box is also designed so that not only the image is shed, also the sound is enhanced by the acoustics of the box.

The projector is made of cardboard and glass and is easy to fold together. It’s ideal for a suitcase or backpack while traveling.


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