Legend of Zelda Ocarina Instrument

Have you played Zelda on the first Nintendo? This little man has been the hero of our childhood and probably still is. He has a kickass style with his green hat and his ocarina. Don’t you really really want to know how to play this beautiful instrument? We know you do!

Legends of Zelda Ocarina

This ocarina, made of ceramic, consists of 12 finger holes, ten on top and two on the back for the thumbs. At the mouthpiece is the Triforce of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Includes finger-sheet with the explanation on how to hold and play the ocarina, with sheet music from a few lines.

The ocarina is easy to play, but an ocarina with 4 or 6 holes is even easier for children, for example.

This is an entry-level model, suitable for when you are not sure if you are going to like playing the Ocarina. For the real musician, we recommend the STL Zelda Ocarina. It has a purer sound and is tuned with more precision. 0

Here is the exact ocarina reproduction of our courageous friend Link. You can even see the icon of the tri-force engraved on his top. Made from kiln-fired ceramic you will have the pleasure to be a master of this beauty in a really short period of time, especially with the music book that is provided with.

So play your Legend of Zelda Ocarina and do not worry about your neighbors. Its sound is soft and clear as crystal!