Cloud B Ladybug Star Night Lamp

The Ladybug Star Night Lamp is a plush toy that transforms any room into a starry sky to help children fall asleep. Through the small holes in its plastic shell, Twilight Ladybug projects a magic constellation of stars on the ceiling and on the bedroom’s walls in three different shading colors options. The Twilight Ladybug shell illuminates to help children overcome the fear of the dark.

The Twilight Ladybug Star Night Lamp

This interactive and instructive toy contains eight true constellations embedded in the starry design. Parents can stay with the children and identify these constellations using the Ladybug Star Night Lamp.

Relaxing and adorable, the ladybug's twilight night light projects a starry sky on the walls and ceiling of the entire room, making the night fearless and more enjoyable.

Choose from three relaxing color options to create a magical, tranquil setting that helps children ages three and up to sleep happily.

It turns off automatically after 45 minutes.



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