Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

Here we have a magic tool that will change your after party messy cleaning perspectives. One of the thing the most annoying for a Houser after a party, besides a headache, the collection of beer-pong glasses and cleaning the ceiling (not asking why), it’s to throw the glass bottles. We are sure you had this moment in your life, you know when you are holding a huge bag of sticky and heavy bottles, of course, the plastique is pierced, the bottles are leaking, you live in the 5th floor without elevator and the dumpster is on the other side of the block. Sometimes being a responsible human can really suck!

And what if this bottle has never left your apartment? What if they became part of your pieces of furniture and make your home great again? Yes, there is another solution, easy, safe and practical. With this revolutionary system, you can transform a dog killer wine in a serene and colorful lamp, or maybe into a glass of water… that would be ironic! It’s up to you.

With the Original Kinkajou Bottle Cutter, let your creativity be free. Be sure that your friends will be impressed by your crafts.

So drink, cut and be creative!

The Kinkajou is the most versatile, practical and functional glass bottle cutter on the market. It is a novel tool that facilitates the process of cutting a glass bottle in the perfect way possible. Designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards and above all with a new engineering and in constant development that allows anyone to make a cut of a glass bottle following a few simple steps, using only the bottle cutter and a little of hot water and cold water.

The glass bottles are perfect for decorating the table, the bathroom or any part of the home. They give a rustic, colorful and perfect appearance to highlight any type of setting. Even today it is more common to use a cut bottle, with various applications in a store, restaurant or bar.